The kiyooka ohe arts centre + sculpture park (koac) cordially invites you to join the founders Katie Ohe and Harry Kiyooka, and over  60  nationally and internationally renowned contemporary Canadian artists at an Art Auction Gala to raise funds for the completion of koac’s Art Pavilion.

The Gala will be a unique opportunity to obtain out- standing works of art from a truly impressive roster of internationally and nationally recognized artists, and we hope you get a chance to meet them personally and to enjoy a night of artistically infused celebra- tions. Please visit koac’s website:  for a full viewing of the generously donated artwork designated for live/silent art auctions and an  art raffle.

The funds we generate from the art auction will help us complete the final architectural design and con-struction of the  future Art  Pavilion. The Art  Pavilion is the first, and most important, step towards the completion of the kiyooka ohe arts centre + sculpture park as a world-class, interactive visual arts institution and creative laboratory dedicated to the research, education, promotion and exhibition of the best in Canadian and international contemporary art for all communities.

To establish the Centre, Katie and Harry  donated  their 20-acres Springbank property, their art collection, library/archives, personal works, and a generous endowment fund. Their motivation was simple and humble: to give back to the community by preserving their land and a unique ecosystem intact, by promoting the local cultural identity through increased participation in Calgary vibrant arts scene, and by contributing to the cultural enrichment and community pride of the  city.

the kiyooka ohe arts centre’s vision

Harry Kiyooka’s and Katie Ohe’s  vision  is  to  develop  and establish a world-class, visual arts centre and sculp- ture park that encourages and inspires creativity in a tranquil, natural forest and wetlands habitat. koac will be a permanent cultural legacy for the communities of Springbank, Rocky View County, the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta. koac will offer a dynamic envi-ronment for the academic research, art education, and for the promotion and exhibition of the best in Canadian and international contemporary art.

the kiyooka ohe arts centre’s mission

The kiyooka ohe arts centre + sculpture park (koac) will be the first visual arts centre in Alberta exclusively dedicated to promote the best in Canadian and international contemporary art. Envisioned to primarily showcase art in nature, the Centre will feature the only sculpture park and botanical gardens west of Ontario.  Its art pavilion will house cutting edge exhibitions, symposia and art education programmes. The Centre will operate as a creative art laboratory that fosters experi-ential and interdisciplinary learning for all communities through an outreach program with artists in residence, and by supporting broad, scholarly-researched exhibitions and public programs in partnership with other arts institutions. Once completed, the kiyooka ohe arts centre + sculpture park will become a local forum where the entire Calgary community will come together. Internationally, it will place Calgary ahead of many and on par with the best arts destinations of the world for visitors  and artists.

We would be honoured to see you at the Gala.

koac team

guest speakers

Bret “Hitman” Hart

A Canadian writer, actor and internationally acclaimed second-generation professional wrestler, member of the famous Hart wrestling family from Calgary. Hart revo- lutionized the wrestling industry in the early 1990s by bringing high quality, athletic in-ring performance to the fore and stands as one of the greatest of all time. He   has held championships in four decades from 1970 to  the 2010s.

Derek Besant, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

A nationally and internationally renowned print and mul- timedia artist, designer, and curator from Calgary. Known for his large-scale, public art installations in Canada and abroad, Besant’s award-winning projects are produced with advanced hybrid-media technologies, often in collaboration with music composers and writers. Besant represented Canada in many International Art Biennials/ Triennials, from London to Moscow, Budapest to Alexan- dria, Berlin to Shanghai, Tokyo to Belgrade, and curated several exhibitions relative to contemporary Canadian printmaking at major international arts  institutions.

Doug Levis

An art industry leader who presides Levis Fine Art Auctions & Appraisals, Levis has been involved in the auction and fine art business since the early 1970s. Levis began his academic studies at the University of  Calgary and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Univerity of Victoria. He returned to Calgary to manage Kensington Fine Art Gallery and, five years later, began his own art consulting practice. Subsequently, Levis established Artbank Incorporated in 1986. Levis Fine Art Auctions & Appraisals held its first art auction in    1992.

Gala Fundraiser Honorary Chair: Bret “Hitman”  Hart

koac gala event program

  • 7 PM – DOORS OPEN at Hotel Arts’ Ballroom
    • Registration for Live Art Auction at the front table
    • Art viewing; artists in attendanceight hors d’oeuvres, cash bar + contemporary  music


    • Bret “Hitman” Hart; Gala Fundraiser Honorary Chair
    • Derek Besant, RCA; visual artist, art educator, curator
    • Auctioneer: Doug Levis,

Levis Fine Art Auctions &  Appraisals

  • 10 to 11 PM – PARTY
    • Light hors d’oeuvres, cash bar + contemporary  music


sponsors  + partners

Live/Silent Art Auction Sponsors:


the artists

Barbara Ballachey    Derek Beaulieu    Derek Besant, RCA   Martina MacDonald Bleriot

Rose  Braun   Kim Henigman Bruce, ASA    Alexander  Caldwell   Eric Cameron, RCA

Dave  Casey   Lawrence Chrismas, RCA    Adrian Cooke, ASA    Linda Craddock, ASA

Honsun Chu   Phil Darrah   Peter Deacon, RCA, ASA    John Dean

Sandrine Demeure   Mark Dicey   Don  Ian  Dickson    William Duma, RCA, ASA

John Kenneth Esler, RCA (1933–2001)    Jim Etzkorn   Gordon Ferguson    Errol Lee Fullen

Helena  Hadala, RCA   Alexandra Haeseker, RCA    Gregory Hardy   Geoffrey Hunter

Dale Kirschenman, ASA    Harry Kiyooka, RCA, ASA   Eveline Kolijn, ASA   Ronald Kostyniuk, RCA, ASA

William Laing, RCA   Brent Laycock, RCA, ASA, CSPW    Walter May   Ben McLeod

Barbara Milne, RCA    Ron Moppett, RCA    Terry  Norlander    Katie  Ohe,  RCA, ASA

Seka Owen RCA, ASA    Harry Palmer   Evan Penny    Robert Pierce

Teresa Posyniak, ASA    Greg Pyra, ASA   Greg Robb, ASA    William Rogers

Noboru Sawai   Herbert Johannes Siebner, RCA, BCSA (1925–2003)    Robert Sinclair, RCA, CSPW

Reinhard Skoracki    Frances Thomas    Judy Ueda   Minoru Ueda    Verna  Vogel

George Webber, RCA    Tim Westbury   Carl White    John Will, RCA   Mary Shannon Will

Simon (Yat Sing) Wong,  ASA

the commercial galleries

Bugera Matheson Gallery, Christine Klassen Gallery, The Collectors’ Gallery of Art, DADE Art and Design Lab (DADE Loft), The Edge Gallery, Elevations Gal- lery, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Jarvis Hall Gallery + Fine Frames, Just ImaJan Art Gallery, Masters Gallery Ltd., Michelangelo Fine Art Gallery, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Peter Robertson Gallery, Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Scott Gallery, Sopa Fine Arts Gallery, TrépanierBaer Gallery, Wallace Galleries Ltd. and Willock & Sax Gallery.

media partners:





Lexicom Ltd. Lexicom,ca


the volunteers:

Shyla Wolf, Lizzie Hayward,  Jennyce Hoffman, Sergius Heese, Claire Couttes, Sydney Brink, Janet Armstrong, Jade Lambros, Shane Arsenault, Whitney Hutchin, Wendy Lees, Heather Dunn, Jeff Eisen, Mercedes Webb, Michelle Billington, Alice Lam, Joyce Lowe, Kelly Pleau,  Chantal Hancharik, Rhiannon Davies, Keaton Pridham, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Andrea Lowe, Karin McGinn,  Chloe Saunders, Patrick Piegza, Chantal Snodgrass, Alicia Mckenzie, Brendan Klem, Erik Morgan, Cheryl Sonley, Peggy O’neil, Minoru Ueda, Linda Craddock

koac Event Committee Chair:

Sandra LeBlanc

koac Event Committee:

Ricardo Castillo Argüello, Linda Craddock, Helena Hadala, Harry Kiyooka, Bob Morrell, Katie Ohe, Michael Rae, Frances Thomas & Shyla  Wolf

koac Event Project Manager:

Jacek Malec

Graphic Design:

Tim Westbury, Zero G art + design Event Videographer: Jeff Eisen

Event Photographers:  

Shane Arsenault & Michelle  Billington


Horizon View Road Calgary, AB, Canada    T3Z 3M5

koac is a Canada Revenue Agency & Province of Alberta registered  charitable society