We hope you can bring your energy and enthusiasm to the KO Arts Centre, a once in a life time legacy project.

Construction drawings for the Pavilion are complete (Nov 15 2016) and initial site work has been completed.

What we need now is an expression of community support on an individual and corporate level.

We will need to raise $2,500,000 to complete the project.

When we open the doors our visitors will includes visitors to the sculpture park, Pavilion and grounds,  artists in residence, and children from the surrounding schools, experiencing art in a natural environment.

And 20 acres of Aspen and prairie will be preserved for future generations.

No project prospers without a community of support, and we know it takes a real team to to contribute their time , guiding the tours, packing and cataloguing work, running the errands, walking the trails, spreading the word, working the room! We can always use extra hands, and it’s a great opportunity to mingle and network with our vibrant arts community.


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